Ham Radio

Amateur Radio (aka Ham Radio) is an interesting hobby. I have been a ham since 1960.  In 2000, Sylvia became a ham. My call sign is K8CH and she has K8SYL.  We are both life members of ARRL the National Association for Amateur Radio. We are both active in Amateur Radio activities and are Weather-Bureau trained spotters in the Sky Warn program.

Sylvia is an officer in the TASYLs (The Auto-State Young Ladies).  She can be found most Thursday mornings on the radio talking with other female operators in and around the state of Michigan.

I am mostly interested in ham radio contests and working stations in faraway and exotic locations. I operate mostly voice and Morse code, but I also enjoy the digital modes.  I particularly enjoy talking with friends in Spain.

I enjoy writing and editing books and articles about Amateur Radio.  My first project after retirement was to write a book titled Simple and Fun Antennas for Hams. The book was published by ARRL and is available from them.

It was 2003 when Sylvia and I decided to put up a taller tower and a bigger antenna. You can find the story on the Tower page.